2021 Senior Awardees

Thank you for your many years of invaluable contribution to Chemistry

On December 4, 2021 at Kennesaw State University,  the ACS Georgia Section honored its senior members for their many years of invaluable contribution and service to the American Chemical Society. Those that attended were able to share their career highlights and what a career in Chemistry has meant to them. It is important to remember that yesterday’s discoveries and breakthroughs contribute to the deeper understanding and accomplishments of today!

50 Years Member60 Years Member70 Years Member
Dr. Dabney White Dixon
Prof. Craig Hill
Dr. James Stewart Holler
Dr. Philip Terry Holt
Prof. Lanny Steven Liebeskind
Dr. Ming Chang Lin
Mr. Robert Alan Paarlberg
Dr. Edward Michael Perdue
Dr. James Leslie Reed
Mr. Joseph Stoner
Mr. Leslie Glen Sudbury
Mr. H Richard Adams
Dr. Gloria Anderson
Dr. David Withers Boykin, Jr.
Mr. Chasen Carl Ging
Dr. Warren Lanier Jr
Mr. Don Randolph
Mr. Douglas Rumaner
Mr. Gary W Snow
Dr. Erling Grovenstein Jr.
Dr. Alfred Schneider
Mr. Ralph Wedd
Dr. Ying Wu