Education in the Georgia Section

A variety of education and outreach activities are available to interact with K-12 students and teachers in the Georgia section. Contact Education Committee chair Sara Paquette for more information.

The Georgia Section also supports the Chemistry Olympiad and Project SEED programs. 

ACS Science Coaches

The Georgia Section section is currently looking for volunteers to participate in the ACS Science Coaches program. This program allows science educators to partner with an ACS member to enhance the quality of chemical education in the classroom.

  • Opportunities to participate exist at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
  • There is no minimum time requirement to participate; rather, teachers will work with the professionals on specific projects or ideas (labs, demonstrations, giving a talk about chemical careers, etc.).
  • Participating teachers receive a $500 grant from the ACS.
  • Interested teachers must be members of the American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT).

ACS members interested in participating should contact Tyler Kinner for more information.

You Be the Chemist

You Be the Chemist Challenge is a trivia competition for middle school students (5th–8th grade students are eligible to compete in teams of four). 
More details can be found at the Chemical Educational Foundation website.

You Be the Chemist regional challenge was organized on February 29, 2020. After the qualifying round, 30 top students from 4 middle schools attended the challenge that was held at Georgia Gwinnett College.

  • First Place: Westminster School (Tejas Kadadi, Esfan Daya, Charice Horwitz, Leah Black-holms)
  • Second Place: Desana School (Arka Bhattacharjee, Anish Budida, Aditya Rajesh, Hemanth Kanaparthi)
  • Third Place: Westminster School (Chris Chen, Helen Hong, Patrick Walsh, Justin Jordan)

Education Resources from ACS

Specific programs and resources are listed below, but you can find more at the ACS Education page. 

Webinars Guests tackle professional and scientific issues every Thursday at 2 pm Eastern time.

Reactions Video Series ACS Reactions covers the chemistry behind everyday life.

Headline Science Video releases feature research from ACS journals.

Speaking of Chemistry Fun, irreverent chemistry topics.

Science Elements Podcast covering the latest research from ACS journals, national meetings, and C&EN.