National Chemistry Week (NCW)

National Chemistry Week 2020

This year’s National Chemistry Week will be celebrated October 18-24, and the theme is “Sticking with Chemistry,” about the chemistry of adhesives and all things sticky.  Due to COVID-19, ACS has recommended a switch to virtual programming this year.  Hence, the Georgia Section has prepared a series of videos featuring short, fun chemistry demonstrations, and these are available on YouTube.

See the National ACS webpage for additional NCW resources.

National Chemistry Week 2019

National Chemistry Week, October 20-26, 2019
This year, we celebrate National Chemistry Week with the theme, Marvelous Metals, about all the different metals of the periodic table and their properties.

2019 is also the International Year of the Periodic Table, celebrating the 150th anniversary of the periodic table of the elements.

National Chemistry Week 2019 Activities in the ACS Georgia Section

C. David Sherrill, NCW Coordinator
Mary Breen, Fernbank Science Center

National Chemistry Week (NCW) was celebrated October 20-26, 2019, with the theme “Marvelous Metals.” 2019 was also the International Year of the Periodic Table! 

Periodic Table Trivia

David Sherrill and students at Georgia Tech created a Periodic Table Trivia activity page for 2019.  This was given a trial run at the 2018 Holiday Party of the Georgia Local Section, and then widely distributed by the Georgia Local Section and the Georgia Tech College of Science. 

NCW Teacher Care Packages

The Georgia Section sent “care packages” of chemistry-related educational materials and give-aways to K-12 teachers in the section.  We sent 29 packages to elementary schools, 15 packages to middle schools, and 37 packages to high schools, and to Chemistry Day at Fernbank Science Center (see below), representing a total of 82 teachers and 8700 students.  Response to the care package program continued to rise compared to 2018, when we were received responses from 76 teachers. 

Seven students and postdocs from the Sherrill group at Georgia Tech assisted with packing and shipping the boxes to local teachers.

Chemistry Day at Fernbank Science Center

A fun time was had by all at Fernbank Science Center’s annual Chemistry Day event. This year’s theme: Chemistry Colors Our World was a huge success with our young visiting chemists. Visitors delighted in making Glow-in-the-Dark Worms, testing the pH of mystery solutions, enjoying a Chemical Magic Show, and being a part of a larger science community. Over 600 guests attended our annual event which is supported by local college chemistry clubs, Dekalb county high school students, and the larger metro Atlanta science community. Providing an event that brings together members of Atlanta’s science community to celebrate chemistry in our daily world is a valuable event for supporting science in metro Atlanta.  The Georgia Section provided copies of the “Celebrating Chemistry” newsletter and other give-aways for the crowd.

Leon Venable, Professor of Chemistry at Agnes Scott College, and his assistant Quentin, provided a variety of exciting demonstrations.
Visitors experimented with the pH scale using red cabbage juice.
Chemistry Club at Agnes Scott College challenged guests to float a boat made of metal while learning about buoyancy.
Visitors experiment with using fruits and vegetables to conduct electricity at the Gwinnett Tech Chemistry Club table.
Clayton State College Chemistry Club students analyze and identify density of metals.
The ChEmory chemistry club at Emory provided interested visitors with their very own golden brass penny.
Georgia Gwinnett College chemistry club students challenge visitors to solve a crime by identifying metal properties.