Names, titles, e-mail addresses, and term dates are provided below. (Note that the chair-elect, chair, and past-chair positions are each held for one year in a succession indicated by the 3-year term below.)

Officers 2020

ChairJahari Soward2019-2021
Chair-ElectJason Lye2020-2022
Past ChairCheryl Trusty2018-2020
SecretaryTyler Kinner2019-2020
TreasurerAjay Mallia2020-2021
Member-At-LargeKristin Dortch2020-2021
 Cory Elizabeth Turner2019-2020
CouncilorDavid Sherrill2020-2022
 Mark Mitchell2019-2021
 Joe Stoner2019-2021
 Lissa Dulany2018-2020
 David Gottfried2018-2020
Alternate CouncilorDon Hicks2020-2022
 Jason Lye2019-2021
 Laurel Royer2019-2021
 Holly Davis2018-2020
 Antara Dutta2020