Herty Medalists (1938-2019)

NOTE: The list below continues to be a work-in-progress as we try to complete our historical records. It is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

Year Herty Medalist Affiliation
1933 Fred Allison  Alabama Polytechnic Institute
1934 Charles H. Herty Herty Laboratory
1935F. P. DunningtonUniversity of Virginia
1936 W. H. MacIntire University of Tennessee
1937 J. L. Howe  Washington and Lee University
1938 C. E. Coates  Louisiana State University
1939 F. K. Cameron  University of North Carolina
1940 J. Sam Guy  Emory University
1941 W. F. Hand  Mississippi State College
1942 T. R. Leigh University of Florida
1943 J. H. Yoe  University of Virginia
1944 J. E. Mills Sonoco Products Company
1945  P. M. Gross Duke University
1946 W. A. Lazier  Southern Research Institute
1947 E. Emmett Reid  Johns Hopkins University
1948  W. F. Rudd Medical School of Virginia
1949 Osborne R. QuayleUniversity of Georgia
1950 R. W. Bost  University of North Carolina
1951 J. T. MacKenzie  American Cast Iron Pipe Company (Alabama)
1952 Alton E. Bailey  Humko Company, Inc. (Tennessee)
1953 Raymond W. McNameeCarbide & Carbon Chemical Company (West Virginia)
1954 John R. Sampey  Furman University
1955 Frank J. Soday The Chemistrand Corp. (Alabama)
1956 M. P. Etheridge  Mississippi State University
1957 S. J. Floyd 
1958 L. A . Bigelow  Duke University
1959 C. Harold Fisher  USDA (Louisiana)
1960 Arthur E. Wood  Mississippi College
1961 Howard E. SkipperSouthern Research Institute (Alabama)
1962 Charles R. Hauser Duke University
1963  Jack Hine Georgia Institute of Technology
1964 S. Y. Tyree, Jr.  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1965 Charles T. Lester  Emory University
1966 James E. Copenhaver University of South Carolina
1967 G. H. Cartledge Chemistry Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
1968 Charles N. ReilleyUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
1969 George L. Drake, Jr.Southern Regional Research Center, USDA (Louisiana)
1970 Robert E. Lutz University of Virginia
1971 S. William PelletierUniversity of Georgia
1972 Kent C. BrannockTennessee Eastman Company, Eastman Kodak
1973 D. Stanley TarbellVanderbilt University
1974 John MontgomerySouthern Research Institute (Alabama)
1975 Mary L. Good  Louisiana State University
1976 Henry C. R. McBayMorehouse College
1977 William L. MarshallOak Ridge National Laboratory
1978 George B. Butler  University of Florida
1979 Mary E. Carter  Southern Regional Research Center, USDA (Louisiana)
1980 Irwin Fridovich Duke University
1981 Jacob H. Goldstein  Emory University
1982 Norman L. Allinger University of Georgia
1983 Albert Padwa  Emory University
1984 Eugene C. Ashby  Georgia Institute of Technology
1985 Raymond B. SeymourUniversity of Southern Mississippi
1986 Lockhart E. Rogers  University of Georgia
1987 Charles K. BradsherDuke University
1988 Jett C. Arthur, Jr.  Milliken Research Corp. (South Carolina)
1991 Ernest L. Eliel  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
1992 Isiah M. Warner  Emory University
1993 Leon H. Zalkow  Georgia Institute of Technology
1994 William D. EhmannUniversity of Kentucky
1995  R. Bruce King University of Georgia
1996 David W. Boykin  Georgia State University
1997 Fredric M. Menger  Emory University
1998 Gordon L. Nelson Florida Institute of Technology
1999 Richard D. Adams University of South Carolina
2000 James C. Powers Georgia Institute of Technology
2001 F. Ivy Carroll Research Triangle Institute
2002 Lanny S. LiebeskindEmory University
2003 Alan G. Marshall Florida State University
2004 Michael T. CrimminsUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2005 Dennis C. Liotta Emory University
2006 Gary B. Schuster Georgia Institute of Technology
2007 Luis Echegoyen Clemson University
2008 Gregory H. Robinson University of Georgia
2009 Craig L. Hill Emory University
2010 Ken B. Wagener University of Florida
2011 R. Mark Wightman University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2012 Alvin L. Crumbliss Duke University
2013 David G. Lynn Emory University
2014 Luigi G. Marzilli Louisiana State University
2015 David N. Beratan Duke University
2016 Brooks H. Pate University of Virginia
2017 Rigoberto HernandezJohns Hopkins University
2018 Sandra J. RosenthalVanderbilt University
2019 Lisa McElwee-WhiteUniversity of Florida